Inspirational culinary trips.

New impulses – from street food to gourmet restaurants, from botanic gardens to local markets. During the culinary trips, which we organise annually for leading chefs in the Netherlands and their suppliers, the smell and authentic taste of the country will stimulate your senses and we will have some extraordinary meetings.

During our trip to Japan, for example, where we visited the ‘Tsukiji Fish Market’, the largest fish auction in the world. In Vietnam we saw the production process of and tasted the famous Nuoc Mam fish sauce. In Peru we visited local farmers in the Andes and met the well-known Peruvian chef, Gaston Acurio. In South Korea, the traditional Korean barbecue-style Gogi Gui and eating Kimchi were part of the programme. And in Brazil, during a trip to the Amazon, we learned about indigenous vegetables, fruits and herbs.

In the near future we will be flying to South Africa and Namibia with the chefs and their suppliers to discover special products and cooking techniques. This, too, will be another roller-coaster ride to find inspiration and gain culinary experience. We are curious about what that will produce in the way of special dishes on the menus.

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